Is He The Man Waiting Down The Aisle


Is He The Man Waiting Down The Aisle

It’s a safe bet to say that marriage is seriously a tough decision to make. It isn’t a game that everytime you think some things gets rough, you can always call time-out anytime you want. Not quite. This is a life long relationship we’re talking about in case you forgot. Things will be different from now on such living alone together, taking care of your hubby every single day, preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner, and other responsibilities that will let you sink in the idea of being a wife. So you need to be sure about yourself first before investing yourself into the bond of marriage.
Like during exams, you need to review and learn some important lessons before taking the tests. So here are the must-learn lessons before settling down:
• You should accept him for who he is – He is the one you’re going to marry not someone who you think is perfect. So if you want him to be perfect, might as well look for someone else. Don’t try to turn him into someone he isn’t like. Accept his flaws before marrying him. In that way, you’ll be more at ease marrying someone who’s been real. Instead of someone who’s faking all along up until you got married where you can see all his evil side. Just make an effort on leading him but don’t force him. The more you keep pressuring him the more he refuse to change.
• There’s no more spark left – Just thinking during the days where both of you only shared happiness and romance, but now all the feelings turn down into a notch. It’s disappointing – for the lack of better words. If you’re lucky enough, you can still re-charge the feelings. But if the chemistry is no where to be seen, then it has to be it. Spending your time with a guy who no longer have the feeling can be very exhausting. People might think you’re just moving forward with the guy just for the sake of pity. So might as well, do both yourself a favor, and let it go.
• Love yourself first – Once you do the inner work to love yourself completely, then you’ll find yourself loving your partner more. You need to respect yourself first before you can truly respect others. This might have been suggested and adviced to you all along but trust those who knew much about relationship, loving yourself first and foremost is basically true.
• Your natural intuition told you so – There are times that loving someone comes right after you listened to your inner voice, followed your heart and when you trusted your feelings. You can actually ask for some one else’s insights about you getting married wanting to know what they feels like on the other’s point of view. Although, remember follow their advice at your own discretion. No matter what they thinks, it’s your decision who’s more acknowledge here. Just don’t try to set aside your emotions. Sometimes, those unsettling feelings can put you into halt and would question your decision at the very end. Besides it’s you who’s getting married not them.
The thought of marrying someone might override your decision-making. It clearly disturbs the way you think rationally and logically which would turn out to be not the best decision you’ll ever make. Think and discuss everything before plunging yourself into something you’re clearly not ready yet. It’s rather better to take your time beforehand than making up after marriage. It might be too late since you have no more time to start with.

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  • encyclopath:

    I have two best men and she has two maid of honors. We are not having a church wedding. My question is should we have the best men and maid of honors walk down the aisle together and have them both stand by me? I’m not sure what to do. Need some advice. Can someone help me please? Thanks and God Bless!

  • Derek:

    Ok, who actually walks down the aisle…who walks the mothers down…do the grooms and groomsmen walk down the aisle? I am so confused about this, can someone please help?

  • Jack Bauer:

    what is something that can have a relationship, but not people. like something else that comes to mind when you think of the topic ‘relationships’ or even just when you hear the word what first pops into your head

  • Jesse:

    Please humour me! I have never seen this happen before at a wedding. Where I come from the Groom and his men are all waiting at the front for the girls to arrive and walk down the aisle (by themselves). Can you explain where this comes from and who actually has had a processional like this? And does the Groom walk down as well? Cause that wouldn’t work – would it?

  • Con Orpe:

    I’ve heard alot of girls say that after they’ve done it they’d wish that they’d waited.Well,why didn’t you? what was the big rush? and why do you regret it now? just asking because sometimes i feel impatient too,but i don’t want to eel a sense of regret.That’s why i would like to wait till marriage…call me old fashioned,but hey.No regrets that way =)

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